2018 in review

As we head into the new year, it’s great to use the down time just before everything kicks off again to sit, take stock and be grateful for all of the offerings of the previous 12 months.

There’s the usual ‘lessons learnt’ stuff going on; and we’re as grateful for those as anything else, but a new year should be time for a celebration, so here’s what we are giving thanks for from 2018:

Student achievements come in all forms at Essex Vocal Coaching … for some it’s just attending a class full of people they have never met. For others it is overcoming major challenges such as performing in front of our ever increasing audiences.

2018 was the year we really challenged students in their performance and there was an extra special collaborative effort in the form of our first full scale production: ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ brought together students from EVC and Mushroom Theatre Company to provide an opportunity for them all to focus on singing performance. The show included songs from popular music and Musical Theatre, with an audience experience that ranged from group choral pieces that were a treat for the ears, to full scale music video type numbers, that wouldn’t be too out of place on MTV.

The show was a number of firsts for many of the students; first time on stage, first time singing solo on stage, for some it was the first time they had even sung! The rehearsal period brought them together like no other experience they have had to date and we are extremely excited to be doing more of this within the next year. We are giving thanks to all of the brilliant performers and to our production team; Louisa Strachan, Ellen Ria Bubb and Olly Gourley.

This video perfectly captures a year in review for EVC and includes scenes from our classes, rehearsals and some of the shows many highlights - we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we so do …. Happy New Year everyone!