Running up that hill

Good breathing technique and vocal health, requires singers to regularly revisit their training, like any other instrument. It also requires singers to look after themselves physically, given the voice is within us and can't be dusted off with a bit of Mr Sheen, like a piano can!

My advise for this really isn't going to be a life changing revelation moment for anyone - but perhaps confirm what you've all been dreading! These tips are the basic requirements for looking after the body, with a couple of more specific pointers thrown in for vocalists: 

  1. EXERCISE. Staying fit and healthy will help ensure the airways remain as open as possible. This can be achieved from activities such as running, HIIT training or Yoga. The latter two work better for me personally - HIIT training is quick so I carry on with something else I'd rather be doing and Yoga, in particular is very well aligned as the breathing exercises compliment vocal training
  2. DIET. Sorry guys, but this is definitely a thing. When I'm in a show or planning recording time in the studio - sugar, dairy, spice foods, caffeine and alcohol are all off the menu. I find chocolate and cheese particular constricting for singing 
  3. SLEEP. Getting the maximum 8 hours between shows is imperative. If you've ever been on the road with a band, you'll know that it's not all party time for the singer - they need to get early nights and stay away from the alcohol in order to give the best possible show they can. 

So there you have it - no revelation. It's all the stuff people tell you, but you don't want to believe! I'd love nothing more to tell you how good Cheese is for you when you sing, but sadly this is not the case! 

Is there anything else that you do to ensure your good vocal health?