Creative Friends

This weeks blog is about the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minds: the good ones will support you, build you up and spur the creative journey.

Some of the best people I know include musicians, actors, artists, poets, writers and inventors. They provide me with a sounding ground for common experiences, discussions about the approach on the creative journey and they constantly open me up to new ways of thinking. For me in particular, discovering new music is very important; I'm a music junkie! It not only helps me to support students in my teaching practise, but I've always felt it expands my writing to listen to multiple genres. Music intrinsically links all of the arts, so new suggestions can come from the most unlikely sources - which is always brilliant. 

This year alone, the people in my life have sent me on a new musical journey: I'll shortly be featuring on my good friend; Owen Williams' new album, due for release later this year: I played a music festival in the summer, for the first time in a couple of years and I've started writing a new album for a new band, with a new writing partner (search Instagram for 'maverickandstevie' to stay in touch on the developments here - we're itching to give you more on this!). 

Collecting these bunch of stalwarts will not only enhance your creativity, it will also make for a life less ordinary as these people tend to bring an approach and thinking with them like no other, that can inspire, get the pen moving or just make for some real fun times.  

This post is dedicated to some of the stand out influencers from the past 10 years ... Simon, Phil, Emma, Anna, Russ and Neil, I'm looking at you!