It's a new dawn, it's a new day ...

Happy New Year singers! Today is back to work, back to routine and everyone is starting as they mean to go on (for now, at least!!) For me, 2018 is all about short term, achievable goals. I set them periodically so I don't set myself up for a fall! Top of the list: I've decided to give up dairy. Sounds pretty major, however I'm already half way there as I don't drink milk: the toughest challenge is going to be the cheese, without a shadow of a doubt! 

So why have I done this? And how is it related to singing? I hear you ask ... Giving up dairy supports me on a number of levels spanning general health, vocal health and ethics:

  1. Dairy is fattening, clogs up your arteries and offers no nutritional value ... particularly at the level I was consuming cheese over Christmas! If I wasn't eating a roast dinner, some sort of pudding or had my hand stuck in a box of cadburys heroes, the cheese and crackers were on the go ... I only put on two pounds over the festive period ... with a list like that I truly got off lightly!! My new years resolution takes both the cheese and the cadburys heroes off that list! 
  2. Dairy just isn't good for your vocal health. Another reason this is relatively easy for me is because if I'm in the midst of recording or preparing for a show, I don't go anywhere near the cheese or chocolate. Both cause a build up of mucus in the throat that leaves you with less control over your voice. Eradicating it means it's part of your lifestyle, rather than a bind for you to remove when you need to. 
  3. On a personal level, I watched something about dairy farming that has led me to my decision: not gonna bang on about it, as I'm not an activist, plus this is only day two and who knows if I'll actually make it work! 

Points one and two are very interlinked - looking after your general health and fitness is something I've spoken about before for singers (see 'Running up that Hill'): Singing can also be viewed as a sport, as when you're at peak physical condition you will have more stamina and be able to access parts of your voice you hadn't known of previously. 

And there you have it; my top resolution and why. Have you made any plans to help support your vocal health? I'd love to hear from you.