Super Bowl ... "by the grace of Prince"

Two of my worlds collided at this year's Super Bowl half time show: my love for a good 'ole fashioned extravaganza and in my opinion, the greatest musician of all time .... no, I'm definitely not talking about Justin Timberlake in the latter statement: I'm referring to his dedication to the genius that was Prince. 

It's fair to say I went in pretty sceptical to this one: I'm certain Justin has a lot of respect for the Purple genius, just like the rest of us, but why should he be the one to give the dedication? Was my question. I'm still not sure I have an answer for this, however in an interview after the performance, on the Jimmy Fallon show, Justin and Questlove discussed how they got the stems from the original recording of Prince singing 'I Would Die 4 U' (turns out Prince was doing text speak waaaaay before we were texting) from Purple Rain. And it was then that I was a little bit sold (just a little bit). This coupled with the location of Minneapolis, Prince's hometown - it all became pretty fitting. 

Whilst Justin's performance was full of cracking pop hits, a marching band, brass band, jumping guitarists, backing dancers, slick dance routines that included Timberlake, flashing lights and everything else in between, someone's gonna have to go an awful long stretch to beat this performance, for me .... Here's the Purple Master's very own show in full from 2007. Complete with nods to Jimi Hendrix and the Foo Fighters. Plus no mention of Pepsi and not a mobile phone in sight. For me, this is how it's done ... enjoy!