Movement for Singers

From the 21st April, I'll be running a new weekly class on Movement for Singers, alongside professional dancer and choreographer; Ellen Bubb. 

Who is this class for?

The class is aimed at anyone from 12years+ who sings and wants to understand more about the performance side of singing, particularly contemporary, pop and commercial style performance. Classes will provide the singers with the confidence to give assured and convincing movement in all performance types.


  • Starting with simple basic movement such as how to walk, how to move the body with ease, the strut and where to focus eyeline. These simple movements can make a huge difference to your performance.
  • Singing to camera: understanding the difference between performing to camera for social media, TV, Music Video and knowing your best angles.
  • Freestyle: how to do this without feeling self-conscious.
  • Interacting with band mates and dancers.  

Plus, performance opportunities take place throughout the year in both small intimate and medium sized, theatre style venues, providing the opportunity to road test some of the newly acquired performance skills in front of a truly inclusive and supportive crowd (not compulsory)

Classes are £8 with places limited to a maximum of 10, to keep the class small and friendly.

Get in touch now to book your spot:


Call, text or WhattsApp 07515 271514


Ellen Bubb – Professional dancer and choreographer: Ellen spends her time working both behind and in front of the camera

Louisa Strachan – Professional vocal coach and singer: Louisa works with singers to develop them both vocally and as artists and has lots of Classexperience performing in bands and groups.