"The only thing better than singing, is more singing!"

On the blog this month; Louisa talks about the ever increasing health benefits of singing.

In an article a couple of years back; 'Singing makes you happy - Science says so'  I talked about the mental health benefits of singing and how it can combat the signs of depression.

There's now lots of evidence to suggest choral singing, in particular is so good for us. A study by Psychologists at Bath University found some real tangible health benefits after looking at the affects on choral singers, when compared to team sports and solo singing. This included:

  1. TOGETHERNESS. In the study, the members of the choir showed a much stronger feeling of togetherness than the other groups.

  2. REGULATES THE HEART RATE. Another study found heart rates are directly affected by the melody of the music and pulses rose and fell in unison.

  3. REDUCES STRESS AND DEPRESSION. you can read in my article on how the activity boosts people's Oxytocin levels - the chemical that helps to control stress and anxiety.

  4. AN IMPROVED FEELING OF SOCIAL WELLBEING. This was the same for team sports too, so it would seem any sustained group activity, working towards a common goal can provide this outcome.

  5. "BUT I CAN'T SING!" Other studies have shown, that even if you're not destined to be the UK's next big pop sensation, all of the benefits are still realised for varying types of vocal ability. I guess the comparison could be that not every guy playing Sunday football has a shot at going pro but they still take part for the love of the game.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from some or all of the the above, check out what we’re doing at The Equal People Choir

(Title of this article is a quote from the late, great Ella Fitzgerald)