You Are Not Alone

Louisa here: it’s fair to say that I’ve had my eye off the ‘blog ball’ lately, so I decided to go into the archives to see what I had started, but not finished. I almost finished this entry shortly after this years Grammy awards. The performances are all still very relevant, so I decided to finish it and publish for your reading pleasure ….

It's fair to say that I do love me a bit of an extravaganza, so when the Grammys come around each year I look forward to scanning through all the performance clips that make it onto Youtube. 

Visually, this years’ did not disappoint: top of the shop was Rhianna's Fosse inspired routine, which I absolutely love - as an ex-dancer, I obviously love me some Fosse and I also love anything that gives a nod to the innovators: Bruno Mars was no exception; dripping in New Jack Swing (always guaranteed to make me smile!), complete with running man, moving seamlessly into MJ's Moonwalk. 

Gaga's Angel wings draped over her piano, whilst wearing a gown to match, gave an emotional dedication to her Aunt, moving into a crowd pleasing 'Million Reasons'. Vocally, she is always impressive live and puts on an amazing spectacle (click here to read my previous write up of her Superbowl appearance)

However, the performances that stole the evening for me are those with a strong message reflecting the sign of our times. Personally I love it when music becomes an anthem for what's topical. I've always felt it an important form of expression and for some, helps them to connect with what's going on out there:

Rapper Logic gave an impassioned performance, alongside Alessia Cara and Khalid, with '1-800-273-8255'. The song conveys the message of 'You are not alone' and addresses strong themes of suicide and loneliness. The fact that this is delivered by a guy, underpins the messages brought forward in the UK by CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) via the #BestManProject 

And then there was Kesha .... the #MeToo movement continues to resonate thanks to award season. First with the Golden Globes and now Kesha with an emotional performance and a beautiful show of solidarity from an army of big female hitters including, amongst many others; Cyndi Lauper, Andra Day and Camila Cabelo. It was raw, honest and captivating. 

When messages like these are delivered through music, it makes it easier for people to come forward and talk as they begin to realise they're are not the only ones. 

Well done Grammy's and well done music!