At Essex Vocal Coaching, we aim to cater for people of all abilities and experience. Click on one of the below to take you to a page that best describes what you're looking for. There's also a guide to each of these below the buttons, to help you on your way:

Currently, our coaches are offering 1:1 sessions for people of all ages in the above disciplines. Whether you're looking to learn more about the basics, more advanced techniques, are planning a big performance, audition, or simply want something to help build your confidence, private sessions can help. 

Has your child or teenager expressed an interested in or started writing songs or playing an instrument? We offer weekly classes and workshops in the School holidays.

Singing classes available for children of all ages and ability. Whether they just want to come along and make some noise or take it a bit more seriously; lessons happen throughout the week to cater for all. In  addition, acting classes including LAMDA examinations.

Currently offered for Singing and Acting. Mostly for fun, confidence building or just to have a creative outlet. 

Professional demos, voice-reels and recording days offered at our studio based in Thorpe Bay. 


If you or your child do not currently fit into one of the above categories please get in touch anyway - we may know someone who can help.